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Old News 2003-2004
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Autumn Term 2003

Year 3 in Indian costume.

Here is a video of 'The Brave Little Camel' projected as part of our Nativity plays. Click the picture.


Junior Halloween Disco (PG)


Year 6 perform 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
- click the poster!

Year 4's trip to Portsmouth

Year 1's Toy Museum

Year 3's trip to Fishbourne Roman Villa

Year 5's trip to the British Museum

Wondering what the new staffroom is like?
Click the question mark to find out.

Spring Term 2004

Nursery ink drawings.

Nursery - Mouse Babies born

Brighton Festival - children's parade

Year 5's trip to Preston Manor

Science Week - Feb 2004 video & photos

Miss Layzell's wedding.

Ms Fitzjohn-Scott returns with some
drama activities for Year 3.

Athletics meeting-Withdean Stadium

Year 3's Trip to the Britain At War Experience

Primary schools cross-country

Year 2's bird museum.

Summer Term 2004

Nursery & Reception Sports Day

Year 4's trip to Pyke House

Blue wins poster competition!

Photos & videos of Year 6 at Little Canada

Sports Day - Withdean stadium

West Pier -  more bits drop off

Nursery & Reception trip to Tilgate Park

Art Week display & videos

Baby birds section - now seagulls on the roof
added to blackbird photos

Willow-den in the Nursery garden.
(pictures added weekly)

Year 3 have been mapping the local area

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