Using knowledge to change yourself or others

In this role you will create a story that tries to make sense of how your project worked, and how this relates to the way that the wider world works.
You may not necessarily produce a written story - you could express your ideas through making a painting, sculpture, piece of music, drama (play or video), simulation game or by constructing a piece of 'box-art' for one of the Cabinets.


What story-makers need:

                                     Curiosity - about how people work - feel, think, learn and make sense of the world.
Reflectiveness - to consider what worked well in your and what didn't; what could be changed for the better.
                                     Sensitivity - to recognise new ways of linking ideas with each other and with their consequences.
                                    Judgement - to decide what are the important parts to include in the story, what to leave out; to decide what is the      
                                                        best way to present your story; to judge how other people will react to your story.
Story-maker's role in the project
How can you make a story of your project that explains -

                                             What were you curious about?
                                             What roles did you play - explorer, detective, builder?
                                             What problems did you have to overcome?
                                             What did you learn from how ‘experts’ helped you on your project?

                                             What has changed in the world (what did you make or build)?
                                             What has changed in you (what have you learnt)?

What metaphors and analogies could you best use to help convey the meaning of your story to an audience? What form will your story take?
How can you use this story to make 'idea sheets' for the Cabinet, that will  inspire other children to take an interest in the topic of your project? How will this story fit into your ‘library’ of learning? What new story will you start to construct next?

What kinds of people are story-makers?
Novelists, journalists, artists, sculptors, playwrights, film-makers, song-writers.