The Brighton Museum- Furniture

My favourite exhibition in the Brighton museum is the open hall near the entrance where the furniture is displayed. The exhibition includes: a sofa designed to look like Mae West's lips, the baseball glove seat, the garden egg chair and the wiggle chair and lots more. As well as this there is also the fashion room where local people have donated their own clothes. The outfits date from the Victorian age to the present year. There is also another room where you can find out all the history about Brighton sea- front.

Whatever your age you're sure to have a great time!!

Molly M - Year 6

Hove museum

Hove museum is a very interesting place to visit and highly enjoyable for children .I myself have been there and I loved it. So I am sure you will love it too. My favourite part is the wizard's attic that has lots of old and new toys like the toy train that runs underneath the floorboards. You will probably find many surprises. My favourite thing was the snoring wizard. There are other fabulous things like early cinema films from Brighton and Hove and other exhibitions that change.

Robyn - Year 5

Two children watching the wizard in his hammock

Preston Manor

Preston Manor is a great place to go on a school trip or just for a visit. You are led around the old manor house room by room starting with the dining- room. In the dining-room is where Mr and Mrs Thomas-Stanford and any guests ate. Other families, who lived in houses like this, often had up to twelve courses at dinner but Mrs Thomas-Stanford only allowed up to eight courses.

Next, there is the drawing-room. That is where all the ladies go to relax after a meal. After that there's the kitchen with 'waste not, want not' written on the fireplace. Then the haunted room of Mrs Thomas-Stanford. They say her ghost haunts the room!

There are many more rooms to explore! And Preston Park is right next to the manor, so after your visit to the manor visit the park too!

Molly S - Year 5

The Palace Pier

The pier is fun because it has lots of things to ride on like the Helter-Skelter, the Waltzers and Crazy mouse or maybe you'd prefer the ghost train or the trampolines. If you go inside you can go on the arcade games like games where you can put in 2ps and 5ps and 10ps and you can win watches and key rings and you can buy CANDY FLOSS and CHIPS plus HOT DOGS and DONUTS! and lots and lots of ICE CREAM!!!

Liele and Ben - Year 3

The Booth museum

This is an animation about the Booth museum which has dead animals in it. We like it because it has dead animals and skeletons. It's also nice and big so you have lots of space. I liked the big skeletons .
We think they are very well preserved and only a little bit smelly. They've made quite a few models of dinosaurs out of wood and we like them.
And there is a children's playground on the other side of the road.

James - Year 4

Specimens being taken to the museum